XO Unity Vape Kit

XO Unity Vape Kit - Introduction
XO Unity Vape Kit - Usage Guide

Exchange Coil Head

1. Screw out the tank section from the main body
2. Hold top section of tank and screw off base
3. Screw out and discard old coil head
4. Prime coil head with 2-3 drops of e-liquid
5. Screw in new, primed coil head
6. Re-attach base section with new coil to tank
7. Re-attach tank to main body, fill tank via top filling  port, re-attach top cap and enjoy.

* Dependant on use, coils will need replacing every 1-2 weeks or when flavours are compromised.

Changing the coil on the XO Unity Vape Kit
XO Style Vape Kit - Usage Guide
0.5 ohm direct to lung XO coil
0.8 ohm mouth to lung XO coil
XO Unity Vape Kit - Tobacco & Menthol E-Liquid

Available in 2 Styles

Combined with two of our most popular liquids (Menthol & Tobacco) this device is the perfect, instant conpanion for anyone looking for the perfect vaping experience.

Capable of using High VG or PG/VG e-liquids, you are sure to keep this device in your vaping arsenal whether you are a first time vaper or an experience vape conoseur.