XO E liquid

XO E liquid is Liberty Flights very own brand of quality vaping e liquid. Designed to be used in our range of vaping kits but can also be used with any refillable e-cigarette device. Our range of XO e-liquid collections includes fruit, sweet, tobacco and menthol e-liquid. We offer our XO E-liquids in a 50-50 VG/PG base as well as most flavours having a VG heavy option (75-25 VG/PG).

Our range of XO e liquids come in bottles of 10ml to 100ml (without nicotine), and prices start at £3.49 per bottle. The majority of our XO e-liquids come in nicotine strengths of 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and 0.3% w/v. Some collections also include nicotine-free XO e-liquids.

XO - Menthol E liquid

Enjoy the refreshing taste of our mints and menthol blends. The menthol section is always a popular choice. If you are a menthol connoisseur then we highly recommend you work through our offerings. 

XO - Fruit E Liquid

Capturing the refreshing taste of real fruit, indulge yourself in the sweet selection of fruit favoured e-liquids.  Fresh fruit and berries make enticing flavours from our sweet, juicy Golden Apple to the delicious, flavoursome and mysterious Wonderberry. 

XO - Tobacco E liquid

There are many tobacco flavoured e-liquids on the market and as they are the stalwart of the industry, we have a fine selection of premium tobacco flavours that will help you make the switch to vaping.

XO - Sweet E liquid

Rich, sweet, delicious and mouth-watering are words we like to use to describe our sweet and others range. Tempt your taste buds with our delicious range of desserts and other great concoctions.  

XO - VG Heavy E liquid

A section for those looking to create plumes of vapour or for those who prefer the higher VG base. Our VG heavy XO’s are a 75% VG ratio and available in our popular flavours across the different flavour groups.

XO - Short Fill E Liquid

We've picked the best of our VG heavy XO liquids and added them as a short fill option for better value. Short fills are a 0% nicotine flavour and come in 120ml bottles, short filled to 100ml of liquid which allows space for a nicotine shot if required. This makes a great option for those who vape VG heavy liquids in a zero or low strength of nicotine. These flavours are exactly the same recipes as our TPD ready 10ml bottles so you can be sure that they are a compliant and high quality e-liquid. 

XO - E Liquid Collections

A wonderful assortment of our XO e liquid flavours, available in multi-pack options with great savings to be made. These distinctive combinations inspire for an unbeatable vaping experience. Our world of flavour has just got better.

XO - Summer E Liquid Collection

Summer time brings celebrations, festivals, holidays, great food and refreshing drinks. Our new XO Summer Collection celebrates all the great things that this season brings, so why not prolong that summer warmth with these mouth-wateringly delicious e liquids? 

XO - Temperance E Liquid Range

We tasted dozens of fantastic flavours all steeped in history and nostalgia. This inspired the Temperance range of XO e liquids, the result of months of work to recreate our versions of some of their most iconic and exciting flavours.