Vaping Chargers

Need a replacement or additional vape battery charger? Liberty Flights stock a selection of replacement vape chargers from USB chargers, ego fast chargers, wall plugs rated for electronic cigarette chargers and heavy-duty mod battery chargers, for you to continue your vaping life.

We carry brands such as Aspire, Kanger, Smok and JUUL to ensure we have the correct charger for your device. For safety, we always recommend you use the correct charger for the device and never use a phone or ipad charger as they are too powerful for the devices or other brands of ecig charger as they may not be compatible. The use of the Li-Po safe charging bags should be used as a precaution as well as our clear battery cases for storing your mod batteries safely.

eGo 510 Fast Chargers

Charging units for the eGo 510 battery. Suitable also for the Riva 510 but not recommend for standard 510 batteries.

Generic Chargers

Looking for a replacement vape battery charger or USB wall plug specifically designed for your kit?
We have our own branded USB vape charger that is a micro USB cable available in 2 lengths, which are suitable for charging most mod batteries and devices sold on this site. These can be plugged into a laptop or PC for charging vape batteries with usb micro cable fittings and these can be combined with the Aspire wall plug.

We recommend using the Aspire wall plug if you would rather charge your batteries via the mains. The output is rated as DC 5.0V @ 1.0A so are suitable for vaping devices.

Other brand USB adapters or mobile phone/ tablet adapters and wall plugs must NOT be used as they are rated too high for charging vaping devices.

Mod Chargers

We have a selection of mod chargers that are suitable for charging your loose batteries. We have mod battery chargers that are compatible with almost all cylindrical rechargeable batteries, from 18650 battery chargers to ones which charge even the larger 26xxx series cells, so every size we sell are covered.

Also in this section we have the vape charging dock compatible with the Aspire Pegasus Mod and a vape charging bag which is a Li-Po safe charging bag. We recommend the use of this bag whilst charging, as it will reduce any damage that might occur should there be an issue during charging.


Take your charger everywhere you take your JUUL, and never be in the red.

Small, sleek design, no messy cables and charge from your Mac, PC, or any USB port.