DIY E liquid

Do you prefer to make your own e-liquid? DIY e-liquid gives you the benefit of getting exactly what you want from your vaping experience. It is only for experienced vapers, however, the tools we provide to create your own e-liquid below will help make it simple in no time.

Liberty Flights provide you with VG and PG to use as a base in creating your own e-liquid or use the unflavoured nicotine shots to convert a 0mg into a nicotine-containing e-liquid. We also provide you with a good range of e-liquid flavourings for you to mix up a flavour of your choice along with the bottles, pipettes and syringes to help you with measuring and mixing.

Unflavoured E Liquids

Unflavoured e-liquid nicotine shots are designed for using with short fill e-liquids to convert a 0mg into a nicotine-containing e-liquid. These flavourless e liquids will not add any flavour to your short fill liquids. Unflavoured e liquid UK made using pharmacopeia grade ingredients.

We offer an e liquid base in a couple of different ratios from 70/30 to high VG, as well as in different strengths. We also offer a nicotine salt based e liquid for those who want a smoother throat hit.

The VG - 2.0% Unflavoured e-liquid is also ideal for DIY e-liquids, for those who vape lower strengths of nicotine. Simply use our DIY calculator to work out how much you will need to use, to get the perfect strength e-liquid.

VG & PG Base

Our PG and VG based e-liquids make great carrier bases in creating your own e-liquids.

Both the propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) are of pharmacopoeia grade. As these are a PG VG base, they DO NOT contain nicotine or flavourings. You can, however, use them to dilute a vg nicotine base to create your own e-liquid or dilute an existing liquid to a lower strength.

Using a PG VG base mix in varied amounts will give you different base ratios of e-liquid. More VG (vegetable glycerine) will create greater amounts of vapour, as it is a thicker liquid and is better for those sensitive to PG. VG heavy e-liquids are better used in tanks that are designed for cloud chasing as these tend to wick thicker liquids better as they are designed especially for this type of base. More PG (propylene glycol) used in a liquid will give you less vapour but allows the flavours to come through better. You also get a greater throat hit with this base.

Bottles, Pipettes & Syringes

Empty e liquid bottles available in 5ml, 10ml and 30ml. These childproof vape bottles are great for either making your own DIY e-liquid or simply transferring liquid from larger short fill vape juice bottles into a handier smaller size, for when you are our and about.

The 5ml and 10ml eliquid bottles are made in the UK and come with a dripper cap for easy filling of tanks.
The 30ml short fill vape bottle is made in the UK and features the e-Flip & Click ® system. We know that vapers struggle to remove the dropper from some bottles so this innovative design means that you can flip back the hinged dropper without having to take it off completely, leaving you free to add liquid or a nicotine shot, through the wide opening. There are no parts to remove so there’s less mess and the audible ‘click’ ensures the dropper is closed.

Flavourart E Liquids Flavourings

E-liquid flavourings from Great flavours in 10ml plastic bottles with droppers. These concentrates can be used to make your own e-lqiuid, just add unflavoured nicotine.

DIY E Liquid Calculator

At Liberty Flights, we recognise the appeal that many of you have in mixing your own e-liquids. By combining different flavourings, you can create and design your own bespoke e-liquid using our DIY e-liquid calculator.

This handy on-line E-liquid calculator tool can be used to calculate how much nicotine, flavouring and e-liquid base is required when mixing your own e-liquid. As with most Vape juice calculators, it lets you adjust nicotine strengths and base type to suit your needs.

We supply everything you will need to get started in creating your own e-liquids in our DIY section, such as measuring equipment, a range of pharmaceutical grade bases and nicotine, flavourings and containers for your liquids.

We use only the best quality flavourings from reputable suppliers.