Vaping Accessories

Every now and again, when you come to replace a part or upgrade your device, you will require a vaping accessory. The most common vape accessories are drip tips, vape bands and battery adapters. We stock a variety of vape replacement parts to meet your needs.

Battery adapters allow you to change atomizers, allowing you to use different threads that may be unsuitable for your current vape kit. The most common is the 510 to ego thread that allows you to use clearomizers such as the Evod 2 with a 510 battery.

Other commonly used e-cig accessories are drip tips. These are mouthpieces for your tanks and come in an arrangement of colours, sizes and materials.

Vape bands and replacement glass tanks are a must, if you are prone to damaging or dropping your device. Vape bands help protect your glass tanks but if you do have an accident, we have replacement glass tanks as a backup.

Replacement Tank Parts

We have a wide selection of vaping replacement parts for a wide range of vape tanks, including spares like glass tanks, plastic inserts, gaskets and seals.

We’ve all been there and dropped our favourite device at some point and broken the glass tank. Instead of having to replace the whole tank or device, replacement glass for vape tanks will stop you having to replace the whole tank, which will save you money in the long run. We stock vape tank replacement glass for tanks such as the XO Tank, Aspire Atlantis and PockeX. If you are prone to dropping and knocking your tank, then it makes sense to keep a spare glass tank handy. Better still, use one of our branded vape bands to help protect the glass from breaking or cracking when dropped.

Drip Tips

We have a variety of drip tips to replace your lost or broken vape drip tip.
What is a drip tip you may want to know? They are the little mouthpieces that sit at the top of the tank or clearomizer and come in many materials, shapes and sizes.

We have our own Liberty Flights disposable branded drip tip in both black and white colour options and are made from silicon. These will fit most 510 tanks or clearomizers such as the K1 Glassomizer, Evod 2 and Nautilus Mini. They are great to use in vape shops for testing flavours, instead of using hygiene covers as they are disposable.

The Aspire Nautilus X Ecig drip tip fits both the Nautilus X tank and the PockeX AIO device.

Vape Bands

Liberty Flights branded silicone vape bands.

E-cig Multi Adapters

Convert battery sources to another thread type so that different atomizers can be used. Examples are a 901 device converted to take 510 atomizers.